City of Austin: A Mix/Use Complex




Lykins, Dirk

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Graduate School of The University of Texas at Austin



In large cities the CBD area is a hustling, bustling area filled with activity from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m. the city's CBD area is usually dead. People working in the CBD leave the office, fighting five-o'clock traffic, to get to their residences in the suburbs. People working in CBD's generally don't live in the CBD due to lack of, or inadequate, housing. There is not a total solution to every problem, but mixed-use projects have been a concept to lessen the problem of lack of life in CBDs after 5:00. The specific mix of uses may vary, as may the overall project scale. The concept, however, remains the same; combining a range of uses into a single development which allows them to mutua11y support one another. This program consists of a mixture of residence, office space and retail space. The project is located in the CBD area of Austin, Texas. (See Figures B:, C, D.) The city supports this type of project to revitalize downtown. Ther3 is a lack of retail and residential space in the CBD. The site is appropriate for this type of project. Town Lake, a thriving outdoor community area, is adjacent to the site. The site is also near to many entertainment and cultural centers located mostly on 6th Street. The structure's height limit is 120 feet, due to Town Lake zoning to keep Town Lake in perspective. The site consists of 3^, blocks (one block to be designated for a new City Hall to be designed by others). This project will consist of 400,000 sf residential space, 300,000 sf office space, 100,000 sf retail space. The project will consist of separate buildings that can be connected with pedestrian bridges.

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