What's on the tube? : art educators on YouTube

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Eggers, Brianna Louise

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This mixed methods study focused on six individuals' experience with producing and uploading art instructional content to YouTube. The main aim was to understand the goals and motivations of educators who are not state certified classroom teachers outside of the YouTube environment. This study provides insight about how the field of art education is expanding beyond classrooms, museums, studios, and community centers. Participants had varied motivations and goals for posting their content, but commonalities were identified during data analysis. Narrative inquiry and coding were used to identify and understand meaning and themes within and across interviews. Quantitative data indicated that a shift in gender roles associated with 20th century education might be under way. Little scholarly research has been undertaken on the art educational offerings of YouTube. Although art education is a broad field, vast numbers of people in the global community turn to YouTube for free education. Looking at who offers art instruction on YouTube gives the field of art education a unique insight into its own evolution.




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