Discovery Of A Low-Mass Bipolar Molecular Outflow From L1014-Irs With The Submillimeter Array

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Bourke, Tyler L.
Crapsi, Antonio
Myers, Phillip C.
Evans, Neal J.
Wilner, David J.
Huard, Tracy L.
Jorgensen, Jes K.
Young, Chadwick H.

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Using the Submillimeter Array, we report the discovery of a compact low-mass bipolar molecular outflow from L1014-IRS and confirm its association with the L1014 dense core at 200 pc. Consequently, L1014-IRS is the lowest luminosity (L similar to 0.09 L-.), and perhaps the lowest mass, source known to be driving a bipolar molecular outflow, which is one of the smallest known in size (similar to 500 AU), mass (<10(-4) M-.), and energetics (e.g., with a M, force <10(-7) M-. km s(-1) yr(-1)).



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Bourke, Tyler L., Antonio Crapsi, Philip C. Myers, Neal J. Evans II, David J. Wilner, Tracy L. Huard, Jes K. J�rgensen, and Chadwick H. Young. "Discovery of a low-mass bipolar molecular outflow from L1014-IRS with the submillimeter array." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 633, No. 2 (Nov., 2005): L129.