System and method for searching a data base using a content-searchable memory

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Lipovski, G. Jack

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


" A dynamic storage device requires periodic refresh and includes logical operation circuitry within the refresh circuitry. The individual storage positions of the storage device are periodically read by a refresh amplifier, and then a logical operation is performed on the refresh data before the data re applied to the write amplifier. That operation allows implementation of associative database searching by cyclically executing ""data compare"" and other logical operations within the refresh circuitry. A system of content searching may be implemented in any storage device, dynamic or not, in which a comparand may be matched with any of a plurality of subunits of a word, and a storage bit is used to identify any words in which a mismatch occurs. Upon recognizing a match, the device can be commanded (a) to output the word or a selected portion (which may be different than the matched portion), (b) to move a selected portion of the word to a different location in the word, or (c) to alter the bits of the word or a selected portion. Arithmetical operations may be implemented through such alterations after matching. Off-chip storage systems of use with such devices are also disclosed. "



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