LWFA With Low Energy Raman Seeded Pulses




Fomyts'kyi, M.
Chiu, C.
Downer, M.
Grigsby, F.

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Analytical and numerical calculations of plasma wakefield excitation and particle acceleration by Raman seeded laser pulse in self-modulation regime are presented. We derive energy threshold for self-modulation of diffraction-limited pulses. The parameter range where the Raman seeded amplitude plays an important role is investigated. We show that the seeded amplitude provides a coherent control mechanism for the phase of the wakefield wave. We show that with the use of Raman seed self-modulated wakefield acceleration is achievable for the pulses of intensities much lower than those typically used in the experiments. In particular, our 2D particle-in-cell simulations show that 30 mJ pulse combined with Raman seeded pulse, which is 1% in intensity of the main pulse is capable of generating similar to1 nC of relativistic electrons.



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Mykhailo Fomyts’kyi, Charles Chiu, Michael Downer, and Franklin Grigsby. AIP Conference Proceedings 737, 846 (Dec., 2004); doi: 10.1063/1.1842632