Construction Gateway Evaluation: Findings and Program Recommendations




King, Christopher T.
Glover, Robert W.
O'Shea, Daniel P.
Hill, Brendan
Blood, Mike

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


The Capital Area Training Foundation (CATF) and the Ray Marshall Center have entered into a strategic partnership that will:

Provide valuable research on regional workforce and educational issues;
Offer program analyses and evaluations of CATF programs; and
Develop standards for objective research and evaluation of CATF programs.

The Construction Gateway Evaluation component of this partnership seeks to document results of the Gateway Program, identify practices/policies associated with positive results, and provide options for maintaining and expanding the initiative as well as exploring the possibility of replicating the model in other industry sectors. Moreover, the research feeds back into the larger objective of engaging civic interest and capacity in workforce development and career advancement, validating current investments, and influencing the public policy environment to promote more investment through the example of a “grounded” community program. The evaluation will be available Fall 2004.


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