Process and outcome accountability structures in amateur figure skating




Hao, Caroline

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This paper will investigate the impacts of process and outcome accountability on the behavior of organizational stakeholders in order to reconcile conflicting findings regarding the efficacy of each. I propose a modifying dimension of the position of a given stakeholder to the organization. My first hypothesis is that process accountability structures compared to outcome accountability structures will enhance training mastery for internal stakeholders; my second hypothesis is that process accountability will decrease the attraction of the occupation for external stakeholders compared to outcome accountability. My method of investigation is an archival documentation of literature around international competitive figure skating following the transition from an outcome accountability judging system (6.0 system) to a process accountability system (International Judging System). My research contributes to prior research by providing a mediating framework through which to understand previous findings. Ultimately, my findings may serve organizational leaders seeking practical guidelines around constructing accountability structures for their organizations.



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