Visualization Tools for Design Support in SFF 437

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Campbell, R. Ian
Jee, Haeseong J.
Lee, H.S.

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When considering the use of SFF, there are many questions a designer might ask. What model orientation should be used, will the model have adequate aesthetic and functional properties, is the STL file suitable for transfer to the SFF machine? These questions could be answered by a comprehensive design support system for SFF. This paper addresses a number of components for such a system that can be met through the use of visualization tools. These include: 1. Visualization of surface roughness 2. Visualization of characteristic features (e.g. surface macro-texture) 3. Visual simulation of fabrication Example applications of these tools are presented together with a status review of their implementation to date. It is envisaged that these tools will be incorporated into an already existing network-based preprocessor used for visualization, repair and slicing of STL files. The direction of future work is also discussed which will include the visual representation of functionally graded materials (connected with FEM results).


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