Praxis, Volume 12, No. 01: Special Double Issue on Course-Embedded Writing Support Programs in Writing Centers




Carpenter, Russell
Whiddon, Scott
Dvorak, Kevin

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Contents: Locating the Center: Exploring the Roles of In-Class Tutors in First Year Composition Classrooms / by Scott DeLoach, Elyse Angel, Ebony Breaux, Kevin Keebler, and Kathleen Klompien -- Dialoging a Successful Pedagogy for Embedded Tutors / by Megan L. Titus, Jenny L. Scudder, Josephine R. Boyle, and Alison Sudol -- “Developing Writers”: The Multiple Identities of an Embedded Tutor in the Developmental Writing Classroom / by Helen Raica-Klotz, Christina Montgomery, and Christopher Giroux with Crystal Brinson, Zach Gibson, Taeler Singleton, Kramer Stoneman, and Ka Vang -- When Writing Fellows Become Reading Fellows: Creative Strategies for Critical Reading and Writing in a Course-Based Tutoring Program / by Melissa Bugdal and Ricky Holtz -- When Center Catches in the Classroom (and Classroom in the Center): The First-Year Writing Tutorial and the Writing Program / by Francesca Gentile -- An Embedded Model: First-Year Student Success in Writing and Research / by Susan Pagnac, Shelley Bradfield, Cyndi Boertje, Elizabeth McMahon, and Gregory Teets -- Insiders, Outsiders, and Straddlers: A New Writing Fellows Program in Theory, Context, and Practice / by William J. Macauley, Jr. -- Vast Potential, Uneven Results: Unraveling the Factors that Influence Course-Embedded Tutoring Success / by Kelly Webster and Jake Hansen -- Re-Envisioning Course-Embedded Programs at the Graduate Level: A Tutor’s Experience in a Doctoral, Translingual Marketing Course / by Rebecca Hallman -- Traction and Troublesome Learning: A Praxis of Stuck Places for Course-Embedded Tutoring / by Tara K. Parmiter and William M. Morgan -- Re-Envisioning the Brown University Model: Embedding a Disciplinary Writing Consultant in an Introductory U.S. History Course / by Steffen Guenzel, Daniel S. Murphree, and Emily Brennan -- Disrupting Authority: Writing Mentors and Code-Meshing Pedagogy / by Cecilia D. Shelton and Emily E. Howson -- From Silos to Synergies: Institutional Contexts for Writing Fellows / by Jennifer Holly-Wells, Sandra Jamieson, and Maya Sanyal -- Curricular Collaboration, Programmatic Collision: Challenges to Integrating Tutor Training for Writing Center and Writing Center Fellows Programs / by David Stock -- Shifting the Center: Piloting Embedded Tutoring Models to Support Multimodal Communication Across the Disciplines / by Dustin Hannum, Joy Bracewell, and Karen Head -- (Re)Shaping a Curriculum-Based Tutor Preparation Seminar: A Course Design Proposal / by Ben Ristow and Hannah Dickinson

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