Fabrication and Testing of a 6 mH, 1.2 MA, 100 kV Inductor

Laughlin, R.L.
Ingram, M.W
Zowarka, R.C.
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Prime power for a hypervelocity (1 g at 50 km/s) electromagnetic launcher will be supplied by the 60 MJ, 9 MA Balcones Homopolar Generator (BHPG) power supply located at the Center for Electromechanics at The University of Texas at Austin (CEM-UT). This power supply consists of six, 10 MJ homopolar generators (HPGs) which can be connected in various series/parallel configurations or sequentially discharged for pulse shaping. Intermediate energy storage consists of six, 6.5 μH room temperature copper coaxial inductors, designed to operate at 1.5 MA and withstand 100 kV. Completing the system are six opening switches, six crowbar switches, a 1.0 m diameter x 40.0 m long vacuum chamber, and high speed diagnostics. The system was designed to be a versatile, easily maintained laboratory system. This power supply represents a substantial capability and can be used to drive a variety of experiments such as a large bore tactical railgun being designed to launch a 2-kg projectile at 3 km/s.

R.L. Laughlin, M.W. Ingram, and R.C. Zowarka, “Fabrication and testing of a 6 mH, 1.2 MA, 100 kV inductor,” 6th IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A., June 29-July 1, 1987.