Convective, Diffusive Effects on Magnetic Fields and Eddy Current in Compulsators

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Thiagarajan, V.
Ozdemir, M.
Min Chan, W.

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Compulsators are being designed at ever increasing energies and energy densities and are required to deliver energy to the load in less than 10 ms. These require high speeds of operation and dense spacing of conductors. Diffusion of magnetic fields into the conductors and the formation of nonuniform, time-dependent distribution of eddy currents become dominant design considerations due to their major mechanical, thermal, and thermodynamic impact. A semi-analytical method has been developed for the two-dimensional analysis of field diffusion and eddy currents in high speed rotary machines to aid design decisions. Analytical results for fields are utilized and computations are restricted to the conductor domains alone. The semi-analytical method has been tested with two conductors (one in the stator and one in the rotor rotating at high speed). The resulting distributions of fields and eddy currents are presented.


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V. Thiagarajan, M. Ozdemir, W. Min Chan, “Convective, Diffusive Effects on Magnetic Fields and Eddy Current in Compulsators”, not published.