Hybrid particle-element method for a general hexahedral mesh

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Hernandez, Roque Julio

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The development of improved numerical methods for computer simulation of high velocity impact dynamics is of importance in a variety of science and engineering fields. The growth of computing capabilities has created a demand for improved parallel algorithms for high velocity impact modeling. In addition, there are selected impact applications where experimentation is very costly, or even impossible (e.g. when certain bioimpact or space debris problems are of interest). This dissertation extends significantly the class of problems where particle-element based impact simulation techniques may be effectively applied in engineering design. This dissertation develops a hybrid particle-finite element method for a general hexahedral mesh. This work included the formulation of a numerical algorithm for the generation of an ellipsoidal particle set for an unstructured hex mesh, and a new interpolation kernel for the density. The discrete model is constructed using thermomechanical Lagrange equations. The formulation is validated via simulation of published impact experiments.



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