The Relationship between Social and Economic Marginalization and Alcohol Abuse within the African Racial Group




Ingle, Tanvi

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This project won third place in the 2018 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. The award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement, that students will be able to create and execute a research strategy, critically evaluate information, and navigate the scholarly conversation. This paper was nominated by Arturo De Lozanne from the department of Molecular Biosciences after it was submitted in his Fall 2018 Signature Course “Originality in the Arts and Sciences.” Ingle’s paper was chosen for her ability to analyze two works of art in the context of a broad array of interdisciplinary sources. In his nomination, De Lozanne said of this paper “Ms. Ingle adeptly brought in research from the fields of art history, sociology, civil rights history, economics, health care, and government policy to demonstrate how these varied and complex factors and their effects on alcoholism in marginalized communities have been communicated to the public through visual means.

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