A Quintet Of Black Hole Mass Determinations




Gueltekin, Kayhan
Richstone, Douglas O.
Gebhardt, Karl
Lauer, Tod R.
Pinkney, Jason
Aller, Monique C.
Bender, Ralf
Dressler, Alan
Faber, S. M.
Filippenko, Alexei V.

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We report five new measurements of central black hole masses based on Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph and Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 observations with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and on axisymmetric, three-integral, Schwarzschild orbit-library kinematic models. We selected a sample of galaxies within a narrow range in velocity dispersion that cover a range of galaxy parameters (including Hubble type and core/power-law surface density profile) where we expected to be able to resolve the galaxy's sphere of influence based on the predicted value of the black hole mass from the M-sigma relation. We find masses for the following galaxies: NGC3585, M(BH) = 3.4(-0.6)(+1.5) x 10(8) M(circle dot;) NGC 3607, M(BH) = 1.2(-0.4)(+0.4) x 10(8) M(circle dot); NGC 4026, M(BH) = 2.1(-0.4)(+0.7) x 10(8) M(circle dot); and NGC 5576, M(BH) = 1.8(-0.4)(+0.3) x 10(8) M(circle dot), all significantly excluding M(BH) = 0. For NGC 3945, M(BH) = 9(-21)(+17) x 10(6) M(circle dot), which is significantly below predictions from M-sigma and M-L relations and consistent with MBH = 0, though the presence of a double bar in this galaxy may present problems for our axisymmetric code.



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G�ltekin, Kayhan, Douglas O. Richstone, Karl Gebhardt, Tod R. Lauer, Jason Pinkney, M. C. Aller, Ralf Bender et al. "A quintet of black hole mass determinations." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 695, No. 2 (Apr., 2009): 1577.