Planning and Scheduling a Multiskilled Workforce




Haas, Carl T.
Borcherding, John D.
Glover, Robert W.
Tucker, Richard L.
Rodriguez, Ana Maria
Gomar, Jorge

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Center for Construction Industry Studies, The University of Texas at Austin


This document presents a progress report for the Planning and Scheduling of a Multiskilled Workforce Study research team of the Center for Construction Industry Studies. The primary purpose of this research is to document current practices that construction companies follow and to suggest a methodology for planning and scheduling a multiskilled workforce. During this program of study, the research team accomplished six tasks. First, The University of Texas at Austin study team was assembled. Second, we developed a list of objectives for this research effort. Third, we conducted a thorough review of literature in the fields of engineering, operations management, and decision sciences. Fourth, we conducted a total of 51 personal interviews, and 15 telephone interviews from 12 different companies. The interviews were conducted at the planner and manager level, superintendent and foreman level, and craft worker level. Fifth, the study developed a methodology for planning and scheduling a multiskilled workforce. Finally, the study team identified specific questions regarding tools and methods for scheduling that need to be considered for further research. This report outlines the findings from these initial tasks and research questions for future work. This study facilitated an in-depth understanding of the management methods utilized on a multiskilled project. These findings provide a sound basis for future work, and suggest the development of future research to assist in the crew composition and project staffing process to ensure gaining the maximum benefits from multiskilling.


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