Category generation performance of Spanish-English bilingual children with and without language impairment

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Collings, Nicole Marie

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Current research regarding the performance of bilingual children, typically developing (TD) and those with language impairment (LI), on category generation tasks is limited. Previous studies suggest children with LI make more errors on categorization tasks compared to TD peers, and that older children exhibit a taxonomic advantage over younger children. The current study examined the category generation performances of TD bilinguals and those with LI, seven to nine years of age. The purposes of the investigation were to compare performances of the two groups across language (English, Spanish), category (animals, food, clothing), condition (slot-filler, taxonomic), and age (older, younger). The LI group generated relatively less correct responses and more errors than the TD group. Both older and younger participants in the current study demonstrated a significant taxonomic versus slot-filler advantage. Implications for a bilingual language theory are discussed


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