AnveShA : automatic search and monitoring agent for Craigslist

Sreedhara, Swathi
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The popularity of Craigslist has enabled users worldwide to find almost any product at prices significantly less than retail prices or market-prices. Craigslist has thus enabled lot of resellers to enter the market and has created a huge market for used/pre-owned products. The key to find products at prices less than their market-prices is to find the right classified and act immediately before other users. Craigslist search agents, with ability to search classifieds, that run on mobile/handheld devices are increasing in popularity with ubiquitous internet connectivity, convenience and speed. AnveShA is an automatic search and monitoring agent for craigslist that has been developed for Android platforms. AnveShA provides easy access and a rich feature-set that is not available in the state-of-the-art craigslist search applications available on the Android market. AnveShA has been developed to provide the user a rapid and intelligent search agent that can proactively search and monitor classifieds for desired products, contact sellers and increase the chances of obtaining the desired product at the best possible price. To achieve this, AnveShA has many unique features like the ability to schedule and execute automatic searches, search classifieds based on geographical location, automatically respond to classifieds, store price history for classifieds, get comparative prices from other retail/shopping websites, store favorite classifieds/reminder lists and predict the offer price based on a number of parameters. With such unique features, AnveSha assists users or resellers to find desired products at the best possible prices on Craigslist and hence have a significant advantage over the competition.