Best practices in digital branded content for Generation Y : developing effective campaigns in the new era of advertising

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Harp, Elizabeth Ann

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The purpose of this document is to help marketing managers develop a deeper understanding of digital branded content and how it can be effectively targeted at Generation Y (i.e. consumers born between 1977 and 1994). Currently, the information available on digital branded content is scattered across a variety of sources, hence the need to aggregate key insights into digital branded content in one place. This document seeks to give marketing managers who are new to digital branded content an introductory look into this new form of advertising. Generation Y’s anticipated increase in purchasing power makes them an important target market for brands. Due to Generation Y’s constant use of technology, marketing managers must know how to target digital branded content at Generation Y. This document will define digital branded content and discuss its importance in the marketing mix, talk about Generation Y and their consumption patterns, highlight best practices in digital branded content as exhibited by several different organizations, and, finally, give several major recommendations for marketing managers who are interested in producing digital branded content for Generation Y.




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