Education’s closet : the curious incident of the missing narratives of Queer Latino social studies teachers




Montemayor, Steven Ray

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This critical narrative qualitative study focuses on the stories of three Self-Identified Queer Latino social studies teachers. The stories the participants share is well documented using testimonio. The three participants each have a unique critical lens to share regarding their experiences of seeking to challenge the heteronormative curriculum, confronting the homophobia embedded in K-12 schools and finally utilizing subversive and overt ways to incorporate Queer narratives into their classroom teaching. Utilizing intersectionality, the participants share how their race and sexuality are entwined regarding their identity and teaching. The participants' stories allowed for a theoretical analysis through the frameworks of Latino Critical Theory, and QueerCritical Theory. These stories shared by the participants seek to inform on the need to better understand the epistemological stances Queer Latino social studies utilize in their teaching and the ways the participants disrupt dominant narratives and discourses in social studies education.


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