Nonlinear Control of a Flexible Rotor Magnetic Bearing System: Robustness and the Indefinate Model

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Smith, R.D.
Weldon, W.F.

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Previously published control strategies for magnetic bearings primarily focus on linear optimal control techniques. While these methods afford many advantages, conspicuously absent from the literature are detailed attempts at nonlinear control. Here, we obtain the equations of motion of an overhung flexible rotor supported in magnetic bearings with two different levels of model sophistication. We derive a generic nonlinear controller in the manner of feedback linearization, and compare the eigenanalysis and transient response of the two rotor models under the action of this >perfect model> controller. We then proceed to obtain a robust nonlinear controller through the sliding mode technique and demonstrate that robustness by implementing it on an uncertain model.


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R.D. Smith and W.F. Weldon, “Nonlinear control of a flexible rotor magnetic bearing system: Robustness and the indefinite model,” DSC- Vol. 55-1, Dynamic Systems and Control: Volume 1, ASME 1994.