An electric circuit network model for fluid flow in oil reservoir

dc.contributor.advisorFlake, Robert H.en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberBostick, Francis X.en
dc.creatorMunira, Sirajumen 2010en
dc.description.abstractInterwell connectivity is a very important piece of the puzzle for petroleum engineers. To optimize the injection well flow for increasing the production rate, interwell connectivity is a very important parameter. To build a model that works with better precision and with less effort has always been desired by reservoir engineers. In this study we developed an electric circuit network model (referred as the admittance or ymodel) for calculating the admittance parameters to predict branch flow rates (injectorproducer well pair) of oil reservoirs with precision. The y-model is very simple and efficient model that can predict branch flow very efficiently. Injection and production flow rates are the key data used in this model, which also happens to be the most abundant data for oil reservoirs. Injector well bottom-hole pressure data can also be used in this model if available. The governing equation of the electric circuit analogy of well to well flow rates in the oil reservoir is based on Ohm’s law for admittance. A mathematical procedure is also being developed for this circuit network model which solves a series of equations and finds unique solutions for the admittances and branch flows. These results can further be used for predicting the production flow rate for individual producer well. The model shows very good agreement with the exploration data of real oil reservoir.en
dc.description.departmentElectrical and Computer Engineeringen
dc.subjectCircuit model for branch flowsen
dc.subjectPetroleum engineeringen
dc.subjectInterwell connectivityen
dc.titleAn electric circuit network model for fluid flow in oil reservoiren
dc.type.genrethesisen and Computer Engineeringen and Computer Engineeringen of Texas at Austinen of Science in Engineeringen
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