A universal species ion implantation model for implants into topographically complex structures with multiple materials

Chen, Yang, 1973-
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A physically-based model for ion implantation of any species into single crystal silicon and a few amorphous materials has been developed, tested and implemented in ion implant simulator UT-MARLOWE. In this model, an interpolation scheme, based on mathematical properties of ion-target interatomic potential, was employed and implemented to calculate the scattering process. Using this scheme, the resulting energy, direction and momentum of the ion and target can be derived from the existing scattering tables of UT-MARLOWE without calculating the whole scattering process. The method has advantages in both accuracy and computational efficiency, as well as significantly reduced cost of code development. The impurity profiles and damage profiles predicted by the model simulations have been compared with SIMS and RBS, and excellent agreement with experimental data has been achieved.