Interface designed with differential pumping and built-in figure of merit method to monitor chambers where environmentally sensitive samples are prepared and transferred for analysis

Hugo Celio
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

In some embodiments, a system may function to transfer samples in a controlled environment. The system may include a sample container configured to convey a sample from a first device to a second device. The first device may be under pressure and the second device may be under vacuum. The second device may include a load chamber which functions to accept the sample from the sample container and a pump chamber coupled to the load chamber. The second device may include a high vacuum pump coupled to the pump chamber and a vacuum pump coupled to the pump chamber through the high vacuum pump in sequence. The second device may include an orifice sized to significantly restrict the flow of fluids through the conduit coupling the pump chamber to the load chamber, wherein the orifice is configured to allow for a transition from a viscous into a molecular flow.