Revealing Texture Induced Abnormal Tensile Deformation Behavior in Additively Manufactured Haynes 282 Using Crystal Plasticity Simulations




Nandi, Indrajit
Ahmad, Nabeel
Shamsaei, Nima
Shao, Shuai

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A ductile fracture typically features a dimpled surface appearance because of micro-void coalescence and a circular cup-and-cone morphology. Tensile fracture surfaces of additively manufactured Haynes 282, a nickel-base superalloy, in this work exhibit an elliptical shape – an aberration to classic fracture surface. Both microstructural characterization and fractography were performed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) on the tensile deformed surfaces to assess the fracture behavior. To gain better mechanistic insights into the governing factors of this elliptical shape fracture, crystal plasticity finite element (CPFE) simulations were performed using the experimentally calibrated material parameters. Uniaxial tensile loading simulations were carried out on a polycrystalline aggregate where the initial texture was varied to the CPFE simulation to emulate the experimental microstructure. The mechanical response and shape of the fracture surface obtained from the simulations were compared with the experimental tensile deformed surface to illustrate the texture dependent deformation inhomogeneity.


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