In-situ Integration of Weldable Strain Gauges in Components Manufactured by Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion

Binder, Maximilian
Machnik, Andreas
Bosch, Maximilian
Kreitz, Katharina
Schlick, Georg
Seidel, Christian
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The integration of sensors in components made by PBF-LB/M facilitates promising new possibilities for component monitoring. It enables the collection of relevant measurement data at previously inaccessible component regions, which are needed for the determination of maintenance strategies. Therefore, the following research deals with the development of a concept, with which weldable strain gauges (WSG) can be weld-on by the laser-scanner-system of a PBF-LB/M system to the manufactured component. The examinations show that the arrangement of so-called weld seams has a decisive influence on a correct metal carrier connection of the WSG. It can be deduced from the study that WSGs can be integrated within components manufactured by PBF-LB/M and completely welded to it with the laser-scanning-system. Following measurement validations demonstrate that the WSG provides complete and correct measurement data and can therefore be considered as successfully connected to the component.