Integrating Human Resource Programs: Recent Experiences of Five States




McPherson, Robert E.
Mackay, Rik
Curtis, Frank
O'Shea, Daniel P.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


Researchers at the Center for the Study of Human Resources have been providing on-going technical support for the development of the Human Investment System (HIS) -- an integrated approach for planning and delivering human resources programs designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services and to increase the productivity of the Texas workforce. One element of the research supporting the HIS initiative was a comprehensive review of similar program integration efforts in other states. From a preliminary round of interviews with knowledgeable national and state officials, 23 states were identified as having recently launched initiatives to integrate their human resource programs. After further review, five states -- Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey and New York -- were chosen for more in-depth analysis.


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