Effect of Volume of Heat Sink on Process and Physical Properties of Parts Built by Welding Based SFF

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Jandric, Z.
Ouyang, J.H.
Kovacevic, R.

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A new numerical simulation of the effect of the volume of the heat sink on the welding–based deposition process is performed. For this purpose, the ANSYS parametric design language (APDL) is applied. Due to the complex internal and/or external shapes of the designed threedimensional (3D) part, different heat transfer conditions are met during the building process. The influences of the different heat transfer conditions on the physical part properties are also investigated. The influence of the volume of the heat sink on the process and on the physical properties is significant and can not be neglected. Extensive experiments are designed and executed in order to verify the conclusions derived from the finite elements model results and to investigate the material properties of the built part.



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