Comparison of Fatigue Performance Between Additively Manufactured and Wrought 304L Stainless Steel Using a Novel Fatigue Test Setup

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Parvez, M.M.
Chen, Y.
Newkirk, J.W.
Liou, F.F.

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University of Texas at Austin


In this research, a novel adaptive controlled fatigue testing machine was designed for bending type high cycle fatigue test. A unique dual gauge section Krouse type mini specimen was designed for simply supported transverse bending. Displacement controlled fatigue tests were implemented using an electromechanical actuator. The variation in the control signal and load observed during the test provides unique insights into realizing the deterioration of the specimen due to fatigue. These analyses were utilized to compare the fatigue performance of wrought and additively manufactured 304L stainless steel. The influence of the build direction on fatigue performance was also investigated by testing specimens with 0, 45, and 90 degrees build direction. These comparisons were carried out at different levels of displacement amplitude.


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