Industry Level Baseline Risk of COVID-19 Infection




Canaan, Taylor J.
Carvalho, Carlos
Lowery, Richard

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We present an industry classification–level model of economic activities in terms of (1) risk of the novel coronavirus spread and (2) economic contribution for the Austin, Texas, metropolitan area. Our measure combines various categories of activities that seem to lead to viral spread. We think these measures will provide useful information about how to ease current lockdowns and how to more efficiently put in place future lockdowns if they are needed.



We collect data from various sources to show the impact of COVID-19 and the related mitigation measures on the Top 20 Texas MSAs. The mission of this project is to gather information about large areas of economic activity in Texas, starting with Austin then expanding to the rest of the top 20 MSAs, in order to make policy recommendations about re-opening the economy with the effect of COVID-19 in mind. For more information please visit the website here, containing the Salem Center’s research, working papers, and other materials.

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