Resource guide for speech-language practitioners : side effects of seizure medications




Ho, Jennifer Le

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Side effects of seizure medications in individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) may affect speech and language development for this population. Research information about these effects may be useful for speech-language pathologist practitioners, since they will most likely work in environments that involve assessing and treating individuals with ID. In this meta-analysis, a total of 19 articles were reviewed to examine the side effects of AEDs in individuals with ID and seizure disorders. Side effects from AEDs were found; however, research regarding how AEDs and seizure disorders affected speech and language development was not available. Based on the findings, participants on AEDs regimens experienced a variety of side effects that included behavioral side effects, adverse cognitive side effects, and non-behavioral side effects. However, information regarding AEDs side effects and speech and language development was nonexistent. Based on the findings, further research in this is much needed for practicing speech-language pathologists in this topic.



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