Recent Progress on Endogeneity in Choice Modeling

Louviere, Jordan
Train, Kenneth
Ben-Akiva, Moshe
Bhat, Chandra R.
Brownstone, David
Cameron, Trudy A.
Carson, Richard T.
DeShazo, J.R.
Fiebig, Denzil
Greene, William
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We describe recent progress in several areas related to endogeneity, including: choice set formation and attention to attributes; interactions among decision-makers; respondents� strategic behavior in answering stated preference choices; models of multiple discrete/continuous choice; distributions of willingness-to-pay; and methods for handling traditionally endogenous explanatory variables.

At the time of publication J. Louviere was at the University of Technology, Sydney; K. Train was at UC Berkeley; M. Ben-Akiva was at MIT; C.R. Bhat was at the University of Texas at Austin; D. Brownstone was at UC Irvine; T.A. Cameron was at the University of Oregon; R.T. Carson was at UC San Diego; J.R. DeShazo was at UCLA; D. Fiebig was at the University of New South Wales; W. Greene was at NYU; D. Hensher was at the University of Sydney; and D. Waldman was at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Louviere, J., K. Train, M. Ben-Akiva, C. Bhat, D. Brownstone, T.A. Cameron, R.T. Carson, J.R. DeShazo, D. Fiebig, W. Greene, D. Hensher, and D. Waldman (2005). Recent Progress on Endogeneity in Choice Modeling. Marketing Letters, Special Issue: Sixth Invitational Choice Symposium, 16, 3-4, 255-265.