Crosslinked and crosslinkable hollow fiber mixed matrix membrane and method of making same

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Stephen J. Miller
William Koros
De Q. Vu
David Mark Wallace
John D. Wind
Claudia Staudt-Bickel

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A composition of and a method of making high performance mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes is described. The membranes have a high resistance to plasticization by use of a predetermined amount of crosslinking. The preferred polymer material for the membrane is a polyimide polymer continuous phase comprising ester crosslinks and a molecular sieve material dispersed within the polymer continuous phase. The resultant mixed matrix hollow fiber membrane exhibits a high permeance of CO2 in combination with a high CO2/CH4 selectivity. Another embodiment provides a method of making the mixed matrix hollow fiber membrane from a monesterified polymer followed by final crosslinking after hollow fiber formation.



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