When heaven fell : the development of "Paradisia"




Nourbakhsh, Armineh

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“Paradisia” is a feature screenplay that is set in Iran during the opening days of the 1980-1988 war with Iraq. It follows the story of a young couple in a war-torn border town, who, accompanied reluctantly by a random stranger, set off to bury the girl’s deceased father before they leave the city. This document is a report on the process of the development of the script, from the conception of its original idea, to the formulation of its plot, characters and structure, based on my sources of research and inspiration. It offers a brief account of the events of the first days of war, and compares and contrasts it to what I have chosen to portray in the script. It also lays out the major plot and character flaws of the original draft of the story, as were pointed out by my supervisor and readers, and demonstrates how I have attempted to address each one of them in order to improve the composition of my characters, the organization of the plot, and the consistency of the story’s structure.



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