Singing Sinophone : a case study of Teresa Teng, Leehom Wang, and Jay Chou

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Lee, Lorin Ann

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This thesis provides an initial inquiry into the acoustics of Chinese identity, or Chineseness, in the emerging studies of Sinophone and Sinophonicity through the study of three well-known Sinophone musicians -- Teresa Teng, Leehom Wang, and Jay Chou. As critics such as Ien Ang and Rey Chow have reminded us, it is becoming increasingly urgent to reexamine the plurality of Chineseness with the rise of China. Truly, the umbrella term "Chinese pop" or "Mandopop" has become an inadequate common denominator in terms of the multilinguistic and multicultural elements in popular music produced in overseas Chinese communities such as Hong Kong and Taiwan or what Shu-mei Shih calls the "Sinophone" communities. In short, Sinophone studies explore the relation between the Chinese mainland and these Sinophone communities in a set of conditions (geographic, ethnic, linguistic, political, etc.). This thesis will explore the ways in which Sinophone musicians exhibit and perform Chineseness, the reason for its manifestation, and the implications and consequences for these types of articulations.




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