Asynchronous automatic-signal monitors with multi-object synchronization




Hung, Wei-Lun

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One of the fundamental problems in parallel programming is that there is no simple programming paradigm that provides mutual exclusion and synchronization with efficient implementation at the same time. For monitor [Hoa74,Han75] (lock-based) systems, only experienced programmers can develop high-performance fine-grained lock-based implementations. Programmers frequently introduce bugs with traditional monitors. Researchers have proposed transactional memory [HM93,ST95], which provides a simple and elegant mechanism for programmers to atomically execute a set of memory operations so that there is no deadlock in transactional memory systems. However, most of transactional memory systems lack conditional synchronization support [WLS14,LW14]. Hence, writing multi-threaded programs with conditional synchronization is rather difficult. In this dissertation, we develop a parallel programming framework that provides simple constructs for mutual exclusion and synchronization as well as efficient implementation.


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