Tools and methodologies for the exploration of peroxisomal metabolism

Gries, Paul James
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Cellular metabolism is a complex network of enzymatic and non-enzymatic reactions that maintain life. These reactions occur concurrently within the cell, but they are controlled and regulated through the compartmentalization of the enzymes within the organelles of cells. The complex pathways that result from the linkage of enzymatic reactions create dynamic pathways between the organelles that are the major nodes of metabolism. The peroxisome is a small organelle known to intrinsically involved in lipid and oxidative balance. Previous experiments and the observed results of peroxisomal biogenesis disorder reveal the necessity of peroxisome activity. However, the examination of the peroxisome metabolism has not advanced at the same pace of other organelles and technological advancements in methodologies and techniques are needed to span the gap in current scientific understanding. The development and validation of new technical methodologies for fatty acid profiling and peroxisomal isolation will enable an efficient and reproducible metabolomic characterization of peroxisomal metabolism.