The value of multicultural marketing : increasing sustainable behaviors among African-Americans with market segmentation

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Queen, Candace Danielle

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In the communications industry marketers and advertisers are in constant conversation regarding the need for ethnic multicultural marketing. Many brands have forgone the concept, adopting total market strategy methods to reach the changing general market. Others have gone further, promoting cross-cultural tactics. At the same time, childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate in the United States and African-Americans children rank the highest. Despite numerous campaigns there still remains a large disconnect between the African-American community and health specialists trying to reduce the number of obese children. This study highlights why the ability to focus on ethnic segmentation and to develop messages that resonate well within that segment is critical, particularly when the purpose is to incite a strong behavioral change that may conflict with cultural norms. The Social Learning Theory and Health Belief Model serve as the theoretical framework for the research questions outlined in the study.



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