Combined SFF Patterning and Replica Molding for Microfabrication of Cell-Laden Microfluidic Device

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Snyder, Jessica
Wang, Chengyang
Hamid, Qudus
Sun, Wei

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University of Texas at Austin


We report on a novel technique using additive manufacturing to fabricate a cell-laden polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic device by SFF processes and replica molding. We demonstrate concept feasibility and present results using single and multiple layer patterns. 3-dimensional channel architecture is achieved by CAD/CAM technology and tuning manufacturing process parameters. Our microfluidic device is fabricated in two stages (1) print negative mold by thermal extrusion of polycaprolactone (PCL) using layer-by-layer precision extrusion deposition then (2) casting PDMS. Cells and matrix are selectively assembled inside microchannels using multi-nozzle printing to demonstrate feasibility of chip as a culture environment. The objective of this work is to fabricate a cell-laden microfluidic device by combined solid freeform patterning and replica molding with direct cell writing into channels. This work has application as a 3D physiological model for in vitro pharmacokinetic study in space environment in preparation for long term manned missions.


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