Foreign trade through Texas ports

Hartrick, Wade James, 1908-
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In the past century, the land and water ports of Texas have accommodated a growing movement of foreign trade. In 1850 the exports over Texas ports were valued at $25,000 while the imports were valued at $26,000. Each of these values represented less than 2/100 of 1 per cent of the total for the United States in that year. By 1947 the exports over Texas ports were valued at 1.4 billion dollars while imports were valued at 173.2 million dollars. The exports in the latter year represented 10.0 per cent of the national total and the imports, 3.0 per cent. [...] Although the foreign trade over the Texas ports has contributed greatly to the economic development of the state and the hinterland, no integrated study has been made of this phase of the economy. In this study, an effort has been made to discover and present such data as will greatly increase the general knowledge of this foreign trade movement. To accomplish this goal, this study purports to present the setting within which the foreign trade developed, the flow of the exports and imports, the physical facilities implementing the flow, and the significance of the foreign trade over the Texas ports