Reconfiguration in shipboard power systems

Davey, K.
Longoria, R
Shutt, W
Carroll, J
Nagaraj, K
Park, J
Rosenwinkel, T
Wu, W
Arapostathis, A.
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A shipboard power system is self contained, tightly coupled, and small enough to allow nearly real time state estimation, given the right equivalent circuit representations. Redirecting power flow is the preeminent task of reconfiguration. This redirection should be accomplished in less than two cycles, while never compromising system stability or power delivery to critical loads. These performance objectives can be approached using an equivalent impedance system representation and various optimization procedures. This reconfiguration control approach is demonstrated through a Matlab Simulink© simulation. Additional issues are addressed concerning the proper realization of a reconfigurable power system by incorporating gas turbine status, as well as due consideration for stable and safe transition between different power system states.

K. Davey, R. Longoria, W. Shutt, J. Carroll, K. Nagaraj, J. Park, T. Rosenwinkel, W. Wu, and A. Arapostathis, “Reconfiguration in shipboard power systems,” American Control Conference (ACC ‘07), New York, New York, U.S.A., July 11-13, 2007, pp. 4750-4755.