Searching for self and others : black-white racial identity exploration through student organizations

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Ridder, Christina Marie

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Searching for Self and Others is a qualitative, phenomenological study which utilizes Wijeyesinghe’s Factor Model of Multiracial Identity through in depth interviews with eight students. The study included two research questions focused on Black-White multiracial students at a predominately White institution and how the level of involvement related to their racial identity and other social identities (class and power/choice were most salient). The purpose of this study was to explore the use of student organizations as a key factor in Black-White racial identity for college students. Racial identity is a process for people of color to find a sense of self, and is a constantly evolving process. Increasing the awareness of how Black-White students utilize student groups can assist colleges to make multiracial students feel comfortable on our campuses, to understand identity struggles and how we might create a more open environment. Student groups can assist in constructing a positive racial climate in which all students feel accepted and able to discuss issues of identity.



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