STEM stories for STEM interest and identity for girls : a classroom-tested framework and prototype

Ramsey, Carol Marie
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Women and STEM need each other. Women can benefit from stable, well-paying STEM careers. STEM industries can benefit from increased numbers of STEM graduates and more diverse teams. Near-future, STEM-related, ethical challenges will need diverse teams to solve them. But girls in K–12 show less interest and identity with STEM than boys, they take fewer STEM courses, and they pursue STEM careers in lower numbers. This paper explores the use of narrative as pedagogy to increase STEM interest and identity for all students, especially for girls. A prototype STEM Story + Lesson was developed and tested in high school classrooms. The teachers’ experiences were analyzed to improve future story curation and lesson development. The STEM Story Framework was created to guide development of STEM Story + Lessons in the future, for classroom use and more detailed research.