Contributions in marine science volume 25




University of Texas Marine Science Institute

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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute


Table of Contents. Instructions to Authors / (p. iii-iv) -- Tidal flushing of intracoastal bays / Ned P. Smith (p. 1-12) -- Spatial and seasonal distribution of hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria of sediment from the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico / S.K. Alexander, S.J. Schropp and J.R. Schwarz (p. 13-20) -- New records and range extensions of deepwater algae from East Flower Garden Bank, northwestern Gulf of Mexico / N.J. Eisman and S.M. Blair (p. 21-26) -- Laboratory studies of a marine copepod (Temora turbinata Dana) tracking dinoflagellate migrations in a miniature water column / J.L. Bird and C.L. Kitting (p. 27-44) -- Shallow water marine isopods of Texas / S.T. Clark and P.B. Robertson (p. 45-60) -- Abundance and distribution patterns of demersal fishes on the south Texas outer continental shelf: a statistical description / R.M. Yoshiyama, J. Holt, S. Holt, R. Godbout and D.E. Wohlschlag (p. 61-84) -- Red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) movement in Texas Bays / Hal R. Osburn, G.C. Matlock and A.W. Green (p. 85-98) -- Behavioral ecology of northern Adriatic reef fishes in relation to seasonal temperature regimes / Kurt Kotrschal and W.W. Reynolds (p. 99-106) -- Oceanography of the Mississippi River Bight. Editor's Note / Donald E. Wohlschlag (p. 107) -- Introductory Remarks / R. Eugene Turner (p. 108) -- Temperature and salinity variability within the Louisiana Bight / Wm. J. Wiseman Jr., S.P. Murray, J.M. Bane and M.W. Tubman (p. 109-120) -- Summer current observations off the Alabama Coast / Wen-Ssn Chuang, W.W. Schroeder and Wm. J. Wiseman, Jr. (p. 121-132) -- Sediment transport on the central Louisiana Continental Shelf: implications for the developing Atchafalaya River Delta / C.E. Adams, Jr., J.T. Wells and J.M. Coleman (p. 133-148) -- Dissolved barium in some Louisiana offshore waters: problems in establishing baseline values / Lui-Heung Chan and J.S. Hanor (p. 149-160) -- Bottom water oxygen concentration in the Mississippi River Delta Bight / R.E. Turner and R.L. Allen (p. 161-172) -- Plankton respiration rates in the bottom waters of the Mississippi River Delta Bight / R.E. Turner and R.L. Allen (p. 173-180) -- Influence of the Mississippi River on the spatial distribution of microheterotrophic activity in the Gulf of Mexico / R.B. Hanson (p. 181-198)