Power Management and Energy Storage Experiments on a MW-Scale Naval Power System Test-bed




Pish, S.
Herbst, J
Wardell, D
Gattozzi, A
Flynn, M.

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From local utility grids to electric ships, providing power to an ever increasing variety and magnitude of loads requires power grids that are more flexible, resilient, and efficient than ever before. In many cases, these systems must serve loads that are nearly equal to and occasionally exceed peak generation capacity. As a result, it is critical that these power systems and their controls are analyzed with high-fidelity models validated through component and system level testing. The University of Texas’ megawatt scale MVDC/HFAC power system testbed supports Navy programs and other research on isolated power systems. Testing completed to date includes model validation of a high fidelity model of series dc arc faults, investigation of rapid power transfer among multiple loads and sources, and coordination of energy storage. This paper presents the development of a power system test bed along with relevant research findings. In addition, key issues related to power management including energy storage and system inertial response are addressed.


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S. Pish, J. Herbst, D. Wardell, A. Gattozzi, M. Flynn, “Power Management and Energy Storage Experiments on a MW-Scale Naval Power System Test-bed”, ESTS 2015, June 21-24, 2015, Old Town Alexandria, VA.