Interactive, participatory educational spaces in Denver Art Museum’s Martin Building

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Davis, Julia Frances

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The staff of the Denver Art Museum (DAM) has embarked on a project of reimagining the integrated education spaces inside their renovated galleries in the Martin Building, which I explore through this study. I'm using the Denver Art Museum and the Martin Building as a case study to investigate the rationale behind interactive and participatory educational spaces and how they are being incorporated into the institution. By inquiring into the design and planning process, the emphasis was on hearing from staff about how they want to take these spaces forward in the future. My study searched for and found areas in which the Martin Building renovation aligns with the DAM's priorities since the revitalization has enabled staff to reconsider and rework how the building is used. The study provides a focused view of the importance and influence of these interactive, participatory educational spaces as staff looks to the potential that the redesign offers. By looking at examples of the previous educational areas and at the construction of upcoming spaces in the Denver Art Museum from the eyes of people who work with them, I can explore the strengths and challenges of this design process.



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