The Impact of Measurement Methodology on the Diameter Measurement of Simple Additively Manufactured Features




Praniewicz, M.
Fox, J.C.
Saldana, C.

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Dimensional qualification of additive manufacturing (AM) components is a continuing research problem. Different measurement techniques implemented on the same feature can yield different measurement results. While this can also be true for components made from more traditional manufacturing processes, the deviations between measurement techniques are often increased by an order of magnitude due to greater form and surface texture variations that occur on AM components. Understanding the origins of deviations and comparability of measurement processes is crucial to the measurement of AM components. In this work, identically designed components are produced using a laser powder-bed fusion process. The components are then measured using manual gaging and a coordinate measurement machine. The measurement of diameter is executed using various association criteria. A statistical analysis is performed to determine the comparability between the measurement techniques. Results indicate that the selection of different association criteria can provide statistically significant differences in the measurement result.


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