The Future of Technology and Innovation: A Cultural Analysis of Data Regulation in the United States and France




Truong, Zoë

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Our ease of sharing and receiving personal and private information through technology has enabled an environment where individuals and organizations capable of articulating that data have the advantage in advancing technological progress. With the threat of increasingly invasive ways of capturing data and growing unease in organizations’ abilities to protect personal information, many countries like France seek to improve public policy and regulation for digital environments, adding provisions to the already comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union. The United States does not have a federal policy on data regulation, which has led to numerous difficulties and penalties for American companies operating in the European Union. This thesis aims to understand the different cultural tendencies and attitudes exhibited by French and American citizens that could help explain reasons for the state of cyber policy in both nations. Utilizing the Mendez, 2017 ARC System, this thesis will analyze personal interviews conducted with both French and American technologists as well as polls, panels, and academic journals that frame the current and past behaviors of French and American societies.


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