Literature: Why?




Dargan, Parth

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The purpose and role of literature in modern society has been a topic of much debate in recent times. With the advent of technology and digital media, the current state of reading and books has undergone significant changes. This thesis explores the importance of literature in contemporary society, with a focus on what writers gain from writing, how literature shapes our social dynamics, and the reading habits of University of Texas at Austin students. The thesis begins by examining the intrinsic value of literature and the ways in which it enhances our lives. It argues that literature is not only a source of entertainment but also provides us with insight into the human experience, helping us to understand ourselves and others better. The role of the writer is also explored, with an emphasis on the creative process and the personal and social benefits that come with writing. The thesis then moves on to discuss the ways in which literature shapes our social dynamics. It highlights the role of literature in promoting empathy, fostering understanding and encouraging critical thinking. The impact of literature on social and cultural norms is also explored, with a particular focus on how it can challenge or reinforce existing power structures. The thesis also includes a survey of University of Texas at Austin students, exploring their reading habits and interactions with literature on a day-to-day basis. The survey results provide valuable insights into the reading preferences and habits of young adults and offer recommendations on how universities can improve their relations with literature. In conclusion, the thesis argues that literature plays a vital role in modern society, shaping our social dynamics and helping us to better understand the world around us. It provides recommendations for universities and other institutions on how they can improve the reading habits and interactions of their students, and ultimately contribute to the continued growth and development of literature in the 21st century.


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