Informance: Unending Rose; November 17, 1996




Sharir, Yacov
Beckham, Andrea
Green, Bryan
Bustamante, Jose Luis
Sharir Dance Company

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Performance and post-show discussion at the McCullough Theatre, UT-Austin.


Choreography: Yacov Sharir and Andrea Beckham (Hollow Ground II), Bryan Green (In the Gallery of the Soul), Jose Luis Bustamante (Unending Rose). Dance Company: Sharir Dance Company. Videographer: Jay Ashcraft (Hollow Ground II). Dancers: Carolyn Pavlik, Andrea Beckham (Hollow Ground II); Bryan Green, Terry Hardy (In the Garden of the Soul); Marika Chandler, David Chao, Bryan Green, Terry Hardy, Luis Manuel Narvaez, Liza Travis (Unending Rose). Concept and Animation: Yacov Sharir (Hollow Ground II). Lighting: Amarante Lucero (Hollow Ground II, Unending Rose), Rachel N. Durkin (In the Gallery of the Soul). Set: Michael Sperow (In the Gallery of the Soul). Costumes: Carolyn Pavlik (2x5+), Kari Perkins (Hollow Ground II, Unending Rose). Composer: Tom Lopez (Hollow Ground II), William Meadows (In the Gallery of the Soul), David Lang (Unending Rose). Composer and Vocalist: Larisa Montanaro (Hollow Ground II). Text: Bryan Green (In the Gallery of the Soul). Multimedia Collaborators: Andy Dillon, Nate Pagel, Katie Salen, Paulus Trisnadi (Hollow Ground II). Video Equipment: Pro Line Video (Hollow Ground II). Video Editing: 501 Group (Hollow Ground II).


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