Solute Transport through the Austin Chalk Weathered Zone at the SSC Site

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The purpose of this work is to better understand the occurrence and movement of groundwater and the transport of solutes in near-surface Austin Chalk in the vicinity of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) site. The scope of work includes (1) further characterization of the hydrogeological attributes of the weathered zone pertinent to solute transport and (2) numerical simulation of groundwater flow and solute transport to estimate solute transport time and paths. This work determines transport times and relative solute concentrations in the vicinity of spoil piles, the linear accelerator, or other potential sources of contamination at the SSC site. The results summarized in this report will be useful for assessing the risk of solute migration from the SSC site and evaluating short- and long-term monitoring needs. This report presents the results of (1) further characterization of the weathered zone, (2) interpretive models generalized for average weathered-zone properties and environment, and (3) three-dimensional modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport at the West Campus of the SSC. Characterization and modeling work focus on the hydrologic and geographic setting of the West Campus, which can be used as an analog for flow and transport beneath spoil piles located at the access sites at various locations on the SSC footprint underlain by Austin Chalk.


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